Course Description

01. HyperMesh for FE Modeling02. HyperView03. RADIOSS Explicit Solver04. HyperMesh for CFD Applications05. solidThinking06. OptiStruct07. solidThinking CAE - VisSim08. FEKO09. HyperMesh: Morphing Advanced 1. Basic F.E Modeling using HyperMesh10. CFD simulations using AcuSolve10. TCL/TK11. Meshing for CFD analysis using HyperMesh11. MotionView/MotionSolve12. Morphing Finite Element Models using HyperMorph in HyperMesh13. HyperStudy13. Next Generation of Product Design using solidThinking Inspire14. High Frequency Electromagnetic Simulations using FEKO14. AcuSolve for CFD15. Low Frequency Electromagnetic Simulations using Flux15. SimLab16. Advance F.E Modeling using HyperMesh16. HyperForm17. Advance F.E Modeling using SimLab17. Next Generation of Product Design18. FE Modeling for NVH18. Flux - Introduction19. FE Modeling for Crash2. Basic F.E Modeling using SimLab20. NVH Simulations using OptiStruct21. Basic Fatigue Simulations using OptiStruct22. Powertrain Structural simulations using OptiStruct23. Math and System Modeling using Compose and Activate24. Tool Command Language / TK25. HyperView / HyperGraph3. Post - Processing & Result Visualization using HV/HG4. Structural Linear & Dynamic Simulations using OptiStruct5. Implicit Non-Linear Analysis using OptiStruct6. Structural Optimization using OptiStruct7. Design exploration & Optimization using HyperStudy8. Structural Explicit simulations using Radioss9. Multi Body Dynamic simulations using MotionSolveDesignTech Trainings